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The Powder Shampoo Exfoliating & Balancing Shampoo 100g Refill Pack (Thyme & Tea Tree)

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Image 1, Exfoliating & Balancing Shampoo Corn FOR 
              LOOSE DANDRUFF FLAKES Licorice Roots Pre + Probiotics Coconut Thyme Tea Tree Papaya Enzyme Rice Protein THE P WDER SHAMPOO Good for You & Good for Earth Image 2, typical shampoo - contains 80% to 90% water, uses lots of water to produce, heavy to transport and store, only 9% of plastic in the world is recycled, used once and thrown, 500 years to decompose, plastic becomes microplastics. vs the powder shampoo and the powder foam wash - contains 0% water, does not use water to produce, light and easy to transport, over 80% of aluminium in the world is recycled, reusable and refillable, easily recycled, does not become micro plastics. Image 3, the powder shampoo, how to use. 1 = wet your palm or hair thoroughly, 2 = pour a sufficient amount on your palm or hair, 3 = lather to activate the foam, 4 = rinse your hair as normal. Image 4, plant power - our products are formulated with 28 botanical extracts and 8 essential oils. plastic free - our packaging contains 0% plastic and all our bottles and refill pouches are 100% recycleable. planet first - we plant one tree for every product sold, our goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2030.

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