Clayspray Try Me Kit with 3 Clays (White, Red and Ginseng)


Comprising 3 top of the range Clayspray face masks, the Clayspray Try Me Kit with white, red and ginseng treatments are the first of their kind. Fortified with a blend of hydrating hydrogel, spring water and carefully selected plant extracts, the mild emulsions are perfectly tailored to suit all skin types and work to purify, exfoliate and remove impurities in the skin by exchanging undesirable substances (including dead cells and sebum) with beneficial minerals without upsetting the skin's natural barrier. Known to increase moisturisation up to 12% and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. - K.N.

The Kit Contains:

1x Clayspray Headband

1x Clayspray Towel Clayspray

Claytherapy - Red Clay:
Perfect for oily and acneic skin, this face mask works to cleanse the face and back, controlling oil productionand absorbing impurities. Fortified with iron, this effective oil control formula rids the skin of sebum for smooth results with a matte finish. Boasting visible results in just two weeks, clinical tests prove 35% less skin sebum and 23% less blemishes.

Clayspray Claytherapy - White Clay:
Perfect for all skin types, this face mask works to considerably reduce pore size and unveil a youthful looking complexion. Rich in silicon, a mineral which stimulates collagen synthesis for firmer skin, the mild concoction will help you achieve younger looking skin whilst removing dead cells and impurities for an enviably soft complexion.

Clayspray Ginseng Therapy - White Clay and Ginseng:
Perfect for mature, fatigued skin, this face mask works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst tightening and brightening the skin. Clinically tested, the mineral rich formula contains uplifting ginseng, an energising ingredient that effectively revitalises and brightens your complexion whilst fighting pollutants and daily stress. Mild and light, the emulsion allows your skin to breathe and is the perfect pre-makeup pick-me-up.

Clayspray H2O Water Spray:
Perfect for all skin types, this spring water spray works to refresh and hydrate skin. Free from chemical nasties, the revitalising, mineral rich mist will moisten the complexion with a blend of natural polyphenols and oligoelements and create the perfect base for your favourite Clayspray face mask.

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Clayspray Try Me Kit with 3 Clays (White, Red and Ginseng)

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Clayspray Try Me Kit with 3 Clays (White, Red and Ginseng)